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RestQA is The Next in Class microservice testing Framework prioritizing team satisfaction over technical complexity.


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Enable Qualtiy & Consistency across your microservices.

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Gherkin is a powerful descriptive language. Nothing better than a simple language to accelerate team's understanding.

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By providing a satisfying experience. RestQA brings the consistency required across all of your microservice. RestQA's test report can be the central point to gather all the important information: performance testing, OpenAPI, Postman collection and etc.

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Microservice test automation loved by the technical leads.

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Functionalities of RestQA

Test Driven Development

RestQA enables the simplest way for your microservice to be tested! Writing your test before coding becomes natural.

Code Coverage Report

Do you want a strong focus on code coverage? RestQA’s shares code coverage of your microservices within a Single Report.

Mock Ready

Microservices is rarely self sufficient most of the time it depends on a third party. Worry no more! RestQA can mock any kind of external connection.

Test Scenario generation

Do you still prefer to write the test after coding? RestQA has a sandbox feature that allows you to generate tests by analyzing the traffic received by your microservices.

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